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imageAntiMatter - We created it  - it exists - and it lasts for longer than we imagined!


Well, we all have heard of the Big Bang at the beginning of all time ( not that many of us actually would have personally heard it)


There is great merit in the act of looking back at the physical facts, from what we know nowadays as the Big Bang. Doing that lets us intimate all sorts of things that might have happened in the first pico- nano- micro- and milli-seconds of our universe.


imageFor years we believed them, the scientists, the engineers, the politicians, that nuclear path was ‘safe’. What we believed behind this was that the clever people on the planet had a clue, a plan, that when things went south, they could maintain our ‘safety’. How wrong we were.

The earthquake and tsunami that ravaged parts of Japan in March this year were enough to shock even the most complacent of us out of our hypnotic trance. Until then, many of us believed that , at least in our ‘developed’ nations, if something as shocking and as unexpected as the March  event happened to our nuclear power plants, that our top engineers, our best scientists  would have the cleverness the resources and the plans to deal with it all.

Just came across a little gem in, of all places, Fox News. It appears that those clever scientists Downunder have once again made Science Fiction move a little closer to Science fact.

We've all seen those fabled "Tractor Beams" sent out by various SciFi spaceships which grab and drag objects about. Seems like a nifty idea. Apparently, the scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) thought so too.

This Fox Article reports on the small scale demonstrations as discussed by researcher Andrei Rhode.

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