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World Government

The Coming World Government

(Reproduced with permission: New Dawn Magazine)


Lucid and aware people observing world events unfold over the past decade or so – say, since September 11, 2001 – will have surely asked themselves what on Earth is going on here? We see ever-growing violence, war, outright lies, invasions, false flags, social upheavals, poverty, ruin and the death of millions… The world’s become a pretty dangerous and pitiful place to live in, and it only gets worse…

(Reproduced with permission: New Dawn Magazine)

In light of the latest financial meltdown (the first trigger to world government) and the uncertainty it brings to all of those people with their future invested in the stockmarket, the elites are sure to capitalise to help bring about their vision of a future prison planet world. The below article, written by Adrian Salbuchi, blows the lid on the triggers we can expect the global elites will use to try to maintain control and even remake the world in the image they prefer. In fact, author Andy Thomas in his article 'Understanding the Ruling Elite' published in the latest issue of New Dawn magazine (July-August 2011)analyses the psychological motivation and thought processes of the proponents of a ‘One World Government’. If we can understand how they think, we can find ways to fight back and empower the masses - New Dawn Team


Who Really Runs the World?

Conspiracies, Hidden Agendas & the Plan for World Government

© By Andrew Gavin Marshall

(Reproduced with permission:  New Dawn Magazine )

So, who runs the world? It’s a question that people have struggled with since people began to struggle. It’s certainly a question with many interpretations, and incites answers of many varied perspectives.

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