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Welcome to Resonant Networks!  THE VISION for Resonant Networks is to gather an international community of like-minded yet diversely skilled people. People who make a difference in their patch of world. People who can share their wisdom, insights, methodologies, modalities, psychologies, research, discoveries and other sundry revelations and spread that through contact and discussion with other Resonant Networkers.

           The simple premise of Resonant Networks is - find who and what you Resonate with, and ... interact!

Resonant Networks has been designed from the ground up as a collaboration website. That means the community of Resonant Networks dynamically publishes the website with their comments, postings Blogs and other sharing activities. So, to that end, the mission of the website:

       "To connect people of like mind with resources that empower them individually and collectively"

Imagine a school, just for one moment... Where you walked into the door of the school... and the very first questions asked would be: “What do you love to do?”  “What is your favourite thing in life?”  “What are you good at?”  “What makes you smile?”  “How would life/school be if you could do the things that you love to do?”

Imagine a school whose curriculum catered for those kinds of questions…and designed a pedagogical program that is individual to each child, based on the answers to those questions?

Picture: Differently Abled kidsReprinted with permission of the author: Mari Nosal M.Ed., CECE

For Original Article click here

If a child is born with no obvious visible signs of developmental delay, the parents will continue to daydream about what their child will become as they grow.  Eventually, developmental or emotional delays that were brushed off as quirky personalities, shyness, cautious etc. develop into signs that a parent can no longer ignore. Eventually as the child grows a parent realizes how far they are behind their peers,and the cautious child who was taking their time learning to walk has motor skill delays, the shy non speaking child has speech delays, the quirky child actually has social adjustment and neurological delays.

Resonant Networks Exclusive Interview

with Randy Roberson, Co-Founder of Disaster Logistics Relief

Disaster Logistics Relief Logo

What started out as a quick introduction on Twitter soon grew to be much more of an interesting tale as the days passed. We asked Randy Roberson, Co-Founder & Senior Disaster Response & Telemedicine Specialist of DLR for a quick interview to which he generously agreed. His story is both impressive and compelling.



The seeds of Disaster Logistics

Tim HumphriesAustralia is proud to announce a new television comedy has gone into development. Tim Humphries owner of Membrane Pictures announced the move in conjunction with Casting Director Carl Groves of Powder Burn Productions.



Free speech seems to be everywhere in the news today. You can’t escape it


The comedy series is entitled Hoane and revolves around the misadventures of William Hoane a journalist and satirist in 1800s England who gets in trouble with the law for publishing satirical tracts about the rich and famous.

Humphries says the idea came to him during his Journalism history studies at Griffith University.

“Free speech seems to be everywhere in the news today. You can’t escape it, with the Finklestein inquiry here in Australia and the Leveson Inquiry in the UK. It seems very topical and I wanted to explore these issues from the perspective of a small scale satire publisher in this 1800s” Humphries said.

An amazing day filled with devic insight and surprises for me in ways to assist the energies that will be streaming even more brilliantly and fully than ever before to urge evolving into the pure natural state of oneness, unity and collective union. 

Feel into the energy, and the potential for deep new growth and understanding to push to the surface.... It will bring transformation - transfiguration - transcendence - tenderness and tenacity. 

Sparks and snarks may arise as the brain chemistry moves into new balance with daylight savings time changes then the equinox shifts early March 20 7:02 EST. How they appear in your life will depend on your outlook and if you take things very personally on a vibrational level. Are you sensitive? Do you carry others energies in your field without knowing you have a choice to move it on? 

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